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Happy Monday guys! Hope everyone had an awesome weekend! Today is the day I usually get all my stuff together for the week. Probably should be doing this on Sunday but oh well.

Lets get organized!

I have been in the search for the PERFECT planner that is under $30 dollars. Yes, there are wonderful planners out there like Erin Condren’s Life Planners but I am not trying to spend $60 dollars on a planner.  Anyway, I found this one at Target online and love it! The black and white stripes are my fave because its simple yet chic.

This planner has been a lifesaver and keeps me organized each and every week! It definitely gives me more motivation to get stuff done everyday. There is just something about checking an item off my to-do list that is amazing! For $25 bucks this planner is worth it.

I needed something to plan out my appointments , my workouts, and my dinners every night. This had everything for that. It also has a great “To Do” list for each week where I will add little reminders that I need to get done. The “Notes” section for each week is where I add my grocery list and just add on things as I realize we need it! Because I always end up forgetting something at the store because I didn’t write it down. Now, I never forget!

Another great thing I love is it has “Todays Top Three”, I always include GYM in this so I know I need make that happen somewhere in my day. But it definitely gives motivation to get those 3 things done, in case you decide to bail out on everything else haha. Some days you just need a break!// Check out the planner in the link below

I just updated my “Monthly Must Haves” and “Faves under $50” so go check those out as well!!

Thanks so much for reading ! 🙂

With love, Rachel 


P.S. the candle in my first pic smells amazing! Great gift to give! …or buy it for yourself 😉


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