Harper’s 8month update

Happy hump day! Only two more days until Friday!

I thought I would do something different today and give a whole post dedicated to Harper! Because we do live in Colorado, I get tons of questions on how she is, new things she has learned, etc. So here is a little 8 month update!

Harper reached 8 months last week! Feels like she was just born just yesterday. It has been so fun watching her grow up and learn something new everyday. Motherhood is definitely a very rewarding job.

Unfortunately, Harper has been sick for the last two weeks. She had 103.5 temp this last weekend and had a terrible cough. She was so miserable. It is so sad seeing your child go through a sickness. She cannot tell you what’s wrong and there isn’t much you can do to make her feel better:(

The doctor finally wanted to see her and they tested her for EVERYTHING. Ruled out the flu, bronchitis, pneumonia, ear infection, and uti. For one of the tests she had to do an X-Ray. Most horrifying thing ever! They put her onto this bicycle seat, raised her hands above her head, and then began to enclose her into a tube! She screamed immediately, of course. I feel like I am scarred for life after that experience. Worst part is, I couldn’t stay in with her. I had to watch her scream from behind a glass window.

I still can’t believe they have to put children in tubes for X-rays !  …A TUBE!!!

Google “Baby tube xray” if you want some sad photos (search at your own risk).

On a positive note, Harper is finally starting to crawl everywhere and get into everything! She wants everything she can’t have … TV remote, our phones, and phone chargers. If she sees any of these items, she climbs immediately to get it!

Whenever I am cooking, she ends up crawling right into the kitchen to see what I am doing. I feel like I have this little critter following me wherever I go lol.

Her new favorite thing to do is clap! You do anything she likes and she will clap for you. Its like having your own little cheerleader all the time! I especially love it when I sing to her and she will applaud me. Shows how much she loves me because I have a terrible voice haha.

This picture above is Harper trying her first lime. Its so fun watching babies try sour things. They make the funniest faces! She actually really liked it and kept sucking on it for awhile. Reminds me of when I was a kid, I would eat so many limes. I guess that is the hispanic in her!

She has been trying lots of new foods lately because she has finally got two teeth in! Its so cute when she smiles and shows them off.  We also got her a high chair this weekend at Ikea. Only $20, such an awesome deal (Thank you Katie Madl for the recommendation). Harper loves it and it makes life so much easier!

Words Harper can say : Dada, Mama, and Nana ( we think thats her “no” because she says it a lot). We are currently working on “Hi” included with a wave. Getting close!!

She also gives kisses to me when I ask her too! … or its just a coincidence lol.

This is the face Parker made after I cut Harper’s hair. She had these long side burns on each side of her face and they would get so gross when she ate. After a few glasses of wine (and a sober person helping), we cut them off! I think it looks so much better, and it evened everything out. Parker was SO mad lol. He loved her little side burns.

… the wine made me do it.

But we did save her hair! We tied a little bow around it and put it in a baggie for her baby book:)

We have had tons of sleepless nights but I think tonight is looking promising for us. Today, Harper no longer has a fever! Yay. Just has a little cough still. Please, cross your fingers for us. We want our healthy baby back!

Harper misses all her family and friends! She sends lots of sick kisses and hugs! xoxo

Thank you so much for reading!

With love, Rachel <3

P.S. I got this coat from the Tommy Hilfiger outlet here in Denver for $100!

Harper’s outfit: Old Navy and Baby Gap

I will tag similar coats and my sunglasses below


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