1/11-1/16 weekend round up

Hey guys! Hope everyone had a great weekend! Harper and I were sick all weekend (and last weekend) so we didn’t do much. But we did finally get Harper her first high chair! She loves it and it makes life so much easier. Im not sure why I waited this long to buy one ! …But that was are most exciting thing this weekend lol. You can tell we party pretty hard.

I just wanted to do a little Instagram round up from my posts this week and talk a little bit about each item!

This photo took like 500 takes to get. Its not easy trying to take a photo while also holding a hot cup of coffee! Oh, and your baby is screaming next to you. Definitely looks more blissful than it really is!

These leggings are to die for! My favorite pair I own (for now). They are so soft and have built in leg warmers, making them extra cozy. They also have a little bit of a sexy look being that they are thigh high. I ordered size XXS. When I got them they looked pretty narrow but they stretch a ton. Fit perfect!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this swimming suit! I bought this suit for Japan and I cannot wait to wear it. Sorry I didn’t put it on for you but this holiday belly wasn’t ready to come out yet. And it was snowing when I took this so… ya wasn’t gonna happen. But it is even cuter on than in the photo! I love the stripes and the high rise bottoms. Makes for a very slimming look.  I ordered size XS for both pieces and it fit good! I probably could of done a Small for the top but i wasn’t too worried about the extra side boob.

Thinking about posting a Harper 8 month update tomorrow, so keep a look out or subscirbe below!

Thanks so much for reading:)

With love, Rachel<3


Glasses: Kate Spade



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