Target run + metallic puffer

Hey everyone! Hope you are enjoying your Tuesday!

This weekend I went to Target for just ONE thing, baby nose drops. But of course, I also have to scope out the women’s clothing while I’m there. So after a long convincing of Parker that I need more clothes, I then begin trying on 500 items while he impatiently waits on me. I come out of the dressing room and I find THIS jacket! (None of the other 500 items worked out lol)

Isn’t this jacket amazing?! Literally saw it from the corner of my eye and I already knew it was a winner. It makes all your causal outfits so much more fun. Its one big accessory!

There is tons of silver metallic jackets out there this season but all $100 and up. This is the cheapest one I have found and I love it. Yay Target! Unfortunately they only have sizes S, M, & L. I went with the small and it fit perfect! If you are normally a small I wouldn’t size up.

But can I just say again… This jacket rocks!

…really, buy it.

This sports bra is really cool too! The color is a sparkly metallic black. You can see the back detail if you click on the product below. It comes in a silver metallic as well. Also cute! I just didn’t want to overdo it on the silver lol. And I’m definitely a black on black girl when it comes to my workout attire.

These leggings are from Lululemon. You can’t go wrong with any pair from there! If you dont own any Lululemon pants, then you need to splurge and buy one! Its like they made every legging there especially for you and when you put them on its like a glove.

At Target I tried on the matching leggings they have for this sports bra, also a shiny metallic black color. The bottom of them were really loose on my ankles and it was not flattering. Don’t get me wrong they were cute! but they just didn’t fit me right.

Adidas unfortunately stopped making this shoe after it sold out everywhere! You would think if something sold out that quick they would restock? Nope. But I did tag another Adidas pair below that I love and plan to buy soon! I read a lot of the reviews and there are nothing but good things on them.

I got a lot of questions about these sunglasses in all my posts! They are Ray Bans and I actually customized them online through Sunglass Hut. I took there normal mirrored silver pair and added the metal black/gray rims (normally comes with silver rims). I wish I could tag them for you:(  I will find some cheaper options that look similar and tag them below for you guys!


I am finally getting back on my workout routine today and wanted your opinion on some things! I get a ton of questions like “what do you do to workout?”, “what is your diet?”, etc. Would you guys be interested in me sharing some of those things on here for you guys to read? Or would you guys rather just see more workout outfits? Let me know in the comments below! I will also be doing a poll on Instagram.

Thanks so much for reading:)

With love, Rachel <3



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