Spliced jeans + moto jacket

Happy Sunday ! Or is it really “happy” since tomorrow is Monday? lol.

Today in Denver we had AMAZING weather! I thought that moving to Denver we would have such cold winters, but so far it has been so nice. Even warmer than Kansas. Lucky us:)

These jeans are great! The splice jean has been very in-style lately and have seen a lot of other types like this around. When I found them I knew they were the one. They are definitely more of a “boyfriend” fit. They don’t have much stretch either so I ordered a size 24 for a even loser fit. I did end up cutting the bottom myself since they were a little long for me, but I am short so won’t apply to everyone. Currently they are on sale for under $50. Grab your size while you can!

This Moto jacket was my favorite in the fall and I am so happy I got to pull it out on this nice day! This color currently isn’t on sale, but if you go to the Nordstrom website they have the same jacket (BLANKNYC) in other colors on sale! I think there is about 3 other colors for a cheaper price! The jacket is real suede, so you get good quality for how much you pay.

When this jacket goes on sale I will for sure be letting you guys know because this is a must have!

I had been searching for a double buckle belt for awhile now and finally found a cheap one at Target that I love! PLUS its a skinny belt too, so the buckles are not bulky. It is only $16.99 and does not look cheap either. I got the size Small in this because it runs pretty tiny (They have size XS-XL) Easy adjustable straps so I probably could of fit the XS if I really wanted.

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend! Would love to hear what you did in the comments below!

Thank you for reading 🙂

With love, Rachel<3


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