Fuzzy fleece pullover + good cause

Christmas Eve is this weekend! I feel like it was just Thanksgiving! This Holiday season has gone by so quickly. I am happy to finally be done with all of my gift shopping. Everything is wrapped and under the tree for Christmas morning. We are just so excited for Harpers first Christmas! She can’t open up her own presents yet but its still so special to us:)

Parker has already gone through his stocking and found one of his presents I got him… lol. It is my fault for not actually wrapping the ones in the stockings, so don’t make that mistake like I did!

This pullover was just a random find I happened to pass by at the mall! It is actually from Abercrombie, which I don’t shop at a lot. But they finally got the memo and stopped making there brand so noticeable on their clothing!  Thats why I loved this so much. I am not a fan of huge logos on clothing. The more simple the better.  Another reason I really loved this was the collar! I love that its a different color and looks so well with the lilac of the actual jacket. Cute, cute, cute!

Way to go Abercrombie for finally realizing we don’t like your logo on our clothing!


Love your melon! Such great products with an amazing mission. This hat gives 50 percent of its profits to help improve the lives of children battling pediatric cancer. They work with a list full of nonprofits, so if you are looking to give a little this year, this is the hat to buy! It comes with a detachable pom so it is meant to switch with other people or you can buy more colors for your own hat! Such a smart idea for pairing with different outfits.


This is actually my first pair of new balances! They are now on my top 5 favorite tennis shoes. The gray and the silver accents make it easy to pair with a ton of colors. They are super comfy and stylish! Its great when you can get both of those things together! You can purchase the exact shoe at newbalance.com (style 574) or they have a similar style I will tag at the bottom of this page.

Thanks so much for reading! I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas 🙂

With love, Rachel <3


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